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You have all 3 of my <3s


roulette blur
Blueprintfor Robert Illum My father can count cards. Once he cheated the house out of so much Blackjack, they threatened to kick him and his teeth out. Good thing he always knew when to walk away. By morning his wallet was as red as his bloodshot eyes. I am my father’s daughter. You can call me a slot machine. If you pay me enough attention, I will give you all of my 3 hearts spill my insides and watch you walk away to the next pretty thing. My father is an engineer. He loves blueprints and right angles; machines that can easily be fixed. I am my father’s daughter but my body cannot be fixed. No matter what he builds he will never design something better than a wheelchair. I inherited his cheekbone, but not his poker face I know how big he smiles for a straight flush; how…

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