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Please read and SHARE WIDELY from the amazing folks at #TBINNA
What Happens When We Say Yes to Radical Self-Love? #WhenWeSayYES

The Body is Not An Apology is in a season of tremendous growth, none of which could happen or be sustained without the amazing community of over 32,000 Unapologetic Posse Members in 42 countries around the world committed to ushering themselves and the planet into radical self-love! On Monday, June 23rd, TBINAA will launch our When We Say Yes crowd funding campaign. The campaign will seek to raise funds to build our very own online community of information, education, activism, and support around radical self-love, body empowerment, and unapologetic global transformation.

As the Leadership Circle began thinking about the reach and power of this movement, we could not help but be overtaken by the realization that this growth has been a direct result of how each of us in our own lives has chosen to say YES in places where fear would have had us stuck in No. This movement exists because people all over the planet, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, size, ability, etc. decided to say YES to the idea that it is possible to love ourselves and one another radically! WOW! What tremendous power lives in the big giant global YES!

Now, The Body is Not An Apology wants your story of YES. We want to know what happened when you said YES to radical self-love! What happened when you said YES to your own power and truth? What happens when WE say YES as a movement committed to a just, equitable, and compassionate world? Please share your story with us. It may earn you a featured spot on our social media sites or in our international When We Say YES video! Below are the guidelines for how to share your #WhenWeSayYES story with TBINAA and the world.

Submissions can be:
■VIDEO. Maximum length should not exceed 20 seconds. Video should be submitted as a quicktime .MOV file. Need to convert? CLICK HERE
■AUDIO. Maximum length should not exceed 1 minute.
■PHOTOS. Highest resolution and largest file possible. Our preference is 400 x 400 dpi if you want it considered for the film.
■ESSAYS. Between 500 and 700 words.
■TWEET. Tell us your YES in under 100 characters and they will be featured on our twitter page.

For video, audio, and essays, please include the following language and general theme:

“When I said Yes to ___(fill in the blank, i.e. yes to trusting my body, yes to believing in my intelligence, yes to healing my childhood wounds, yes to trusting my inner voice, yes to radical self-love, etc., etc.). Then tell us what happened (I got my dream job, I unlocked my creative potential and became an artist, I stopped hiding and took that salsa class, I fell in love, etc. etc.). All submissions should start with “When I said Yes to…”) The last sentence in your video and audio should be “I said YES!

Please be sure to include our hashtags

#WhenWeSayYES #TBINAA #Nobodiesinvisible

Please send your submission to or send files to our Dropbox account We are excited to say YES with you!

Unapologetic light,

TBINAA Leadership Circle

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