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Just how I remember her (with longer hair). courtesy of Donna Uettwiller,

Just how I remember her (with longer hair). courtesy of Donna Uettwiller,

Hi Everyone!!

First of all, thank YOU for following this blog/”website.” It means a lot to me, and to prove it, I’m trying to keep in touch more.

THIS SUNDAY, I’m headed to Philly.  I won’t be performing (this time), but I will be in the audience supporting a musician friend of mine, Teri Rambo.

I was lucky enough to live close to a summer camp for youth with disabilities, Camp-Pa-Qua-Tuck.  It was a sleep-a-way camp and the first time I had been around other kids with disabilities in a social context.  While there, I met Teri.  Maybe I was 10 or 11.  She used to sing us to sleep with Joni Mitchell covers and hymns, except I didn’t yet know they were covers.  She sent me a MIXTAPE with her recordings on one side and Miss Saigon on the other — I still have it.  She was in college at the time.  We lost touch.  I never forgot her.  Or Joni Mitchell.  Teri gave me kindness at a time when I had very little, and by introducing me to Joni, she gave me my first taste of big words and poetry.

I posted this a few days ago on Facebook:

Teresa Rambo of Colorado, wherever you are, you rock:

The cars and buses bustled thru the bedlam of the day
I looked thru window-glass at streets
and Nathan grumbled at the grey
I saw an aging cripple selling Superman balloons
The city grated thru chrome-plate
The clock struck slowly half-past-noon
Thru the tunnel tiled and turning
Into daylight once again I am escaping
Once again goodbye
To symphonies and dirty trees
With parks and plastic clothes
The ghostly garden grows

And was able to find her. And GUESS WHAT? She is still a singer and has a show at World Cafe Live this Sunday. It also features 8 other songwriters!!

I’m going. Who knows? Maybe we’ll tour together in a town near YOU. Here’s the event page.  I’ll be the poet crying in the front row — this time tears of joy!

Please sign up for her mailing list (and get a free download), buy her album and spread the word about this show!!

Teri's New Album.  Very Joni-esque circa "Clouds."

Teri’s New Album. Very Joni-esque circa “Clouds.”

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