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Thank you HuffPost for supporting #socialmediabacklash #cybercatcall #putmisogynyonblast.   1 comment

Today, the Huffington Post published an article I wish I didn’t have to write.   In fact, they published it within 5 minutes of receiving it.  Of course, technology can be used for good and evil.


I debated whether or not to write this article and give this person’s harassment and misogyny any more of my time (or yours), but here’s why I did: Before the Internet, it would have at least taken a few days, and much more effort (i.e., postage and possibly a phone book) for his hate speech to reach me. But thanks to instant messaging, I can go from “lovely” and “gorgeous” to “ugly and fat” in less than 12 hours. In fact, his last two opinions reached me in under a minute.

Please share, re-post on TUMBLR, Tweet, etc.  I know some of this is a repeat for some of you, but I really appreciate it.

Poet and Activist Andrea Gibson also shared the original piece earlier today on Tumblr.  You can find it here:

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More Coverage of Disability, Body Image and Radical Self Acceptance by Jennifer Tress.

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Extra love to the incredibly fierce poet and body activist Denise Jolly for all of her #BeBeautiful photos, which will all be posted soon