Next Show: The ZODIACalypse 1/16/14   1 comment

Next Show: The ZODIACalypse 1/16/14

I am so excited to be a part of this awesome show. It will be my first time performing in 2014. The poem will be unique to this show and heard for one night only! Hope to see you there.

Details here:

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  1. Natalie,
    I enjoyed the show tremendously, but your poem, “Gemini” was for me and my date the highlight of the evening. Thank you so much for sharing your insights delivered with such passion. It there is a way to purchase a copy of your poem, please tell me. If that is possible, please contact me at
    We will be following your performance schedule and hope to hear you deliver more of your outstanding vision into life.
    Thank you again for being there.
    Bob Traube

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